DROP Ship 3.0


No experience needed. Just some hustle required.

Join me (Jon Hon) and other experts in just a 12 week online masterclass where I guide you through the process of starting an E-Commerce Brand & Business.

You will also have access to pre-recorded step by step tutorials showing you exactly what to do and how to find profitable products to sell.

I believe with desire to succeed, passion to embrace patience (this is not a get-rich-quick shortcut) and hard work — you have the opportunity to build an empire and has passive income.

01. SET UP

Setting Up Your Business

You will be able to set up your business and systems to work properly. You will have a clear understanding and mission of your next entrepreneurial vision. You will have learned how to set up systems, automations, structure, and SOP’s (standard operating procedures). You will have a clear mind-map of your business and a path to profitability with long term success.

02. It's all in the details

Innovative Ideas

You will learn to brainstorm your next idea, even if you have one already, and we will begin building that idea and framework around it. You will then build a target customer around that idea and we will validate to ensure that your idea will be a product that you consumer will want to buy. No wasting time trying to see if the product will sell or not.


Building a REAL brand

Once a product is chosen, branding for it begins. Even choosing the colors and fonts that will make your target consumer want to buy. We will brainstorm on names, logos and even build a brand kit together to help you solidify not just your product but your E-commerce store as a one-of-a-kind brand around it.


How To Build A Shopify Store

Step by step on how to set up pages, even help with the necessary text & copy for each page. You will be able to set up the product pages to convert for sales. 


Finding Products

I will show you my suppliers from overseas and even US suppliers. You will be able to find products that are sustainable for environment. All the way from Drop-shipping to full-on product design and manufacturing. We will also go over how to set up and sell digital products such as download-type products and digital courses.


Pricing + Profitability

Price your products properly so you can make money. We will go over up-sell options, add on’s and have product enhancements.


Generating Traffic

How to get free traffic and also paid traffic. How to reach out to influencers, what to say to influencers, how to set up a system to easily deliver your content and products to influencers to post for you. You will learn to set up guidelines to display and show your product and brand. You will learn how to set up Facebook Ads. (We even have experts to help you set it up if you need the help). I will demonstrate an easy way to drive targeted traffic from instagram and facebook ads.


Email Marketing

How to build an email list and learn to launch new products to that email list. You will learn best practices and set it up to be automated (and not be annoying about it).


Master Entrepreneur

you will learn how to be the person who has all the tools to create new products and to build the life you have always wanted. You will have a clear mission and vision. 



Gain instant access to our Private network group, outside of Facebook, so no need to deal with Toxic Facebook Groups. Enjoy a new fresh experience inside of the Launch Your Hustle Network

Why it matters

The life you dream of is just within your reach.

That big dream of your is there for a reason, You are destined to make an impact through your business and create the lifestyle that you deserve and love.

Live Calls To Help you

I will be brining on other experts who run 7 figure e-com business to show you the ropes and answer your questions. Real experts who are in this with you.

Registration closes soon


I am only opening the registration for a limited time. I want to keep this group small and intimate so I can focus on everyone and ensure you reach your milestones

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