when you are willing to go ALL THE WAY IN —  big sh*t starts to  shift and happen for you. 

sometimes, it can *feel* like fear when you start thinking about the bigger possibilities for you & your business. but it’s actually a spark being lit inside of you. a raging fire that’s craving for more.

it’s growth szn, b*tchhhhh – you in?

I wasn’t invited to the table, so I built my own.

Anyone is welcomed — but you gotta be willing to be part of it first. That means, you’re ready to say goodbye to the excuses and hello to breaking comfort zones. After all, you ARE bad b*tch!!! 

I’m a balance of being your hype queen and a dash of tough love. I’d like to think i’m pretty good at reading the vibes – so I know when to pat you on the back with comforting words or slap yo’ ass and tell you “get over it! let’s crush these goals!” (I wouldn’t *actually* slap you, unless.. ofc.. you give me your consent)

I’m not someone to sell you a dream. I’m realistic in achieving goals. Great things take time. Knowledge is power. And hustlin’, to me, never goes out of style. These are my values as a business coach. This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme. I want you armed with knowledge so you know HOW to show up in your biz when you feel stuck & I refuse to let you play victim. I believe in you sooooo much, but most of all, I want to coach you to believe in yourself.

week 1

branding & Chat GPT

  • goal setting
  • color psychology of branding
  • how to use chat GPT that aligns with the voice of your brand

week 2

time block & organize

  • the 5 keys to eliminate distractions
  • the 5 folder method
  • time blocking
  • executing with a plan

week 3

facebook ads

  • step by step how to create converting ads
  • realistic budget planning
  • creative copywriting to capture audience

week 4 

email marketing

  • how to set up an email campaign
  • easy to use templates
  • automated workflow
  • Cultivating your audience

week 5

the power of networking

  • mini meet up strategy
  • collaborations
  • online fatigue vs in person excitement to level up your biz

week 6

social media

  • bio audit
  • importance of 3 pinned posts
  • “curated, not aesthetic” method

Weekly Zoom Calls

Each week, we all join in our a LIVE zoom. You’ll get access to replays if you can’t join live. It is suggested to join live as much as possible so that you can be part of hot seat coaching! (us interacting and me being able to answer any questions for you)

Private IG Chat Support

The beauty of group coaching? The group! You & the other girlies who signed will all be added to a private IG CHAT where there’s 24/7 support during the 6 weeks. You can encourage, help & support one another. I will also be part of it as well and active to help along the way.

Mastermind (In person)

After the virtual 6 weeks of zooms are over — we get together!!! Imagine learning so much business thangs together, vibing in the IG chat, getting to know one each other and then finally meeting IRL!??! I make sure that the vibes are vibingggg. Music, Champagne, Food, Cake, Custom Tee’s & a Surprise Guest Speaker to bring even more value to you.

*we all decide on a date together to do this meet up at the end of the coaching



You have a business & looking to grow it even more. More clients. More sales. More strategies. More Clarity. More connections.



You need a sounding board with people (who get it!) to bounce ideas off of. You have questions, want guidance & ready to soak up knowledge



Where else can you learn FB ADs, marketing, branding, social media & email marketing all in one coaching program? Issa no brainer!



The girls who get, get it. A safe space where you can be yourself, talk openly, give & recieve constructive advice/insight & learn.

you can never go wrong

investing in yourself

enroll today for just


Only six payments of

When using Affirm at Checkout



one payment of


The only person on this planet that can guarantee results is you. I know the information being taught works if YOU do the work. 

If you do every single thing during this coaching (because I give you homework to do after every call) and you don’t see any results? I’ll refund ya (but I know in my heart that sh*t isnt gonna happen lol)

During calls, I do a thing called “hot seat” coaching where I am able to directly answer a question or give you custom quick advice for you specifically. But if you want like in depth attention… that would take my time away from others in the group. This is group coaching because we are all doing this together, as a group.

If you want 1:1 coaching – I start at like $5,000 and if youre down to pay that then holla at me 

You will have access to watch the replays 🙂

ANYONE that has…. services, products or online (and brick & mortar) businesses

We have helped:

  • real estate girlies
  • beauty industry girlies (estheticians, brows, hair, makeup, lashes, nails, etc)
  • photographers
  • boutique owners
  • online coaches
  • e-commerce 
  • fitness trainers
  • coffee shop owner
  • artists 
  • content creators

WE CAN  anyone, bitch. ANYONE! All businesses need the topics we are teaching! I knowk, sounds tooooo gooodd to be true – but we are real. and we are here to help.

We recommend that you:

  • have a business solidified
  • have clients already (even if its just a few) 
  • this is a side hustle and want to make this is your full time career 
  • You are full time and ready to expand, level up and get more clients
  • But if you have no idea what you want to do, then I suggest you attend my event VAG first instead.

Basically… you’re already hustlin’, making moves and ready to go bigger and better!

This is for you if you…

  • Dream of making your business bigger,
  • Want to move forward and learn new things,
  • Seek advice for your cool ideas,
  • Hope to meet friends who are as driven as you, or
  • Want to master skills (like FB ads) the best way.

Don’t wait! Join us and team up with others who want to shine bright. Let’s rise and shine together! 

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